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  • Re: 1 1/2" Ribeye's on DB??
    I can get pretty good grill marks from a cast iron grill insert from another grill in my GMG.

  • Re: 1 1/2" Ribeye's on DB??
    Flip the grill grates over to the flat side.
  • Re: So what am I doing wrong now?
    I currently have the green man antenna. If I upgrade to a 8dbi will I need a pig tale or will the ring terminal on the stock wire directly connect to

    From what I've ...
  • Re: So what am I doing wrong now?
    I wish I could help you there. I am not familiar with the green mountain man antennas.  Maybe customer service can send you an updated wifi controller if you tell them your situation. 
  • 1 1/2" Ribeye's on DB??
    I grilled two 1 1/2" ribeyes on my DB yesterday using Grill Grates. They turned out OK, but I wish they had some more char to them.  I had it set on 500 and I had the drip trays lined up for grilling.  What can I do next time to get me some more char? ...