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If you live in Iowa and can't find a dealer near you, call Mike at 641-680-2049. He'll find you a grill or help you become a dealer.

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Wood pellet smokers and grills inspire passion in the people that use them. One great resource for learning more about Green Mountain Grills is Below is a sampling of the last 20 posts on PelletHeads from real people using all kinds of wood pellet smokers and grills.

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  • Re: GMG Wi-Fi update, now joins your home network
    I'm brand new to GMG and to pellet grills. Just got my Daniel Boone a couple days ago. This forum, and this thread in particular was very helpful as I was troubleshooting my WiFi setup. I was able to resolve the issue so wanted to share what I learned ...
  • Wow! GMG Customer Service is A+
    After reading a number of posts on Pelletheads praising GMG customer service, I purchased a Davy Crockett in June. 

    Although my Davy Crockett was brand new, the grill developed an error code about 2 weeks ago.

    The error code (e20) was not listed in th...
  • oC4 error
    Cliff notes:

    I replaced my auger assembly in my DC.  After replacing it I got an oC4 error. The grill does its start up then hits a random point(121 last time) and shuts itself off(fan and auger) for 2-10 seconds(give or take) and starts back up, and c...
  • Re: FW 5.8....The plot thinkens as the temps arises....
    Add me to the list of people not happy with v5.8.
    Same issues as most above...
    I was at 5.5, grill did not over shoot by too much (20-30F?), and pidprobe to Maverick was off 10-20F at 225 setting. Without changing anything I went to 5.8, now it over sh...
  • Re: GMG Wi-Fi update, now joins your home network
    Yes. Range isn't an issue but they want you to rule this out by moving your router closer.  I  have tried everything GMG suggests. followed there youtube tutorial ect. I did talk with a Tech at one point and didn't get it resolved, I will call again.  ...