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If you live in Iowa and can't find a dealer near you, call Mike at 641-680-2049. He'll find you a grill or help you become a dealer.

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  • Re: Questions for GM owners
    Water will run out the bottom.
  • Re: Questions for GM owners
    Hmmm... looks like a place for rainwater to get into the pellets.  No thank you. 

    My grill sits under a "grilling gazebo" so I don't typically bother covering it; the back does get hit with some splash in heavy rain but the substantial overlip on the ...
  • Re: GMG thermal blanket question
    Definitely recommend one, just got mine a couple of weeks ago after waiting two months for the sole UK stockist to get more in. Temperatures are more stable and pellet consumption is way down thumbsup
  • Re: GMG thermal blanket question
    Pellet bin was about 2/3 full at around 3 am.  1/2 full at around 8 and at 12:30 the alarm went off just covered it with pellets in the bin and finish so yes it really does seem to cut down on pellet usage.
  • Re: GMG thermal blanket question
    I just did four 9 lb pork butts last night here in central Ia. Drizzle, wind, downright raw out down to about 41. I put them on about 11:30 last night and noticed that the temp set at 185 would drop down to about 150 before the fan would kick on ( I ge...